Mexico is the country with more cases of sexual child abuse in the world


According to the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, Mexico holds the top on the list of sexual child abuse with 5.4 million cases every year. These results were exposed during the “Sexual violence against children and teenagers: legislative challenges” forum, organized by the National Action Party (PAN) senator, Josefina Vázquez.

Mexico against the penal and civil justice’s ineffectiveness,

Since 20 years ago, Tlaxcala is considered the entity with the highest incidence in pederasty and child traffic, followed by Querétaro and Chihuahua. This is proof of the ineffectiveness that rules the civil and penal justice system on theses cases.

The director of the IMSS’s Century XXI Medic Center’s Pediatric Hospital, Javier Enrique López Aguilar, highlighted during his presentation that reinforcing the children’s sexual education is a number one priority, according to the different growth stages of the child. This will provide them the tools to identify risks and sexual violence behaviors against them.

He spoke about the importance of opening safe, trustworthy, reachable, and anonymous-based, communication paths; as well as the need of having shared responsibility on the actions taken by the authorities and the judicial instances related to the protection of children.

Another issue was related to social networks. Latin America’s most popular network’s security and users’ well-being area’s leader, María Cristina Capelo, exposed what are the steps taken by the authorities and specialized instances when it comes to underage users’ protection, worldwide.

The zero-tolerance with general, and especially with children, sexual abuse is shown in the most advanced technology used to remove content and go directly against the people that create fake profiles or groups that debate about the ways to avoid the existant policies against sexual violence and child pornography.

The social network works together with the Mexican specialized authorities on the security matter. They are developing a prevention network to act faster and detect fake accounts that encourage these kinds of crimes.

Most of the victims of child sexual abuse are girls.

According to a child abuse-related study at the National University of Luján, there is a tendency of five girls per each boy being abused, boys only represent 17% of these cases. Also, the aggressors are males that are directly related to the victims’ family environment.

This investigation was carried out reviewing and analyzing legal files in family tribunals, working on three profiles focused on people involved in child sexual abuse cases:

  • The victim of abuse is a kid.
  • The aggressor is an adult.
  • The people that listen to the child’s story about the abuse.

The investigation, known as Childhood and necessities. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), started in 2016 at the National University of Luján’s Social Sciences Department. It helps to demystify this cloudy topic for society and it also provides professionals from different disciplines the tools to work on this field.

The investigation’s main objective is to characterize this group of people that have been victims of abuse concerning how old are they, how many boys, how many girls, and things about the abuser, trying to understand why do they end up being victims, who listen to them and how do they react to what the children say.