British authorities seized child-like sex dolls


United Kingdom Law enforcement authorities seized hyperrealistic looking sex dolls that looked like little girls. This finding has exposed dozens of possible pedophiles who hold occupations in which they have regular contact with children.

Silicone girls

The dolls have seized weighing approximately 25 kilograms, the weight of a child of 7 years, and its anatomy is very accurate, something that differentiate them from the typical inflatable dolls. These dolls can cost thousands of euros and are being imported into the United Kingdom to be sold through online portals trade, as indicated by the British National Crime Agency (NCA, for its acronym in English).

This operation has been being carried out since March 2016 and, so far, 123 dolls have been intercepted in less than a year. The British government has formally made accusations to the importers of this product; They even jailed a man last month in relation to this disturbing case.

In parallel, while seizures have been made public, the legal proceedings filed against a former director of a primary school is being followed, he also was a former church guard of 72 years, whose appeal was dismissed because he alleged in his defense that the doll acquired by Internet is not obscene. After rejecting the request to withdraw the charges, the accused pleaded guilty of importing this girl looking sex doll.

Also seven men accused of possessing these dolls face charges related to child pornography offenses. Deputy Director of Operations of the Border Intelligence Force relied on this fact to argue that those who buy these dolls -manufactured in China and Hong Kong-, often commit other sexual crimes.

Although the fact of having a doll is not illegal by itself, it is believed that those who acquire these items, in many cases, are involved in other crimes such as production, distribution or possession of pornography, in which the victims are minors.

The agents of the British Border Force enjoy the power to confiscate items that create indecent or obscene, under the customs rules, and those that ship them can be legally prosecuted.

A possible solution or more perversion for pedophiles?

As in the UK, the state of Florida in the United States also has vetoed the sale of these dolls. According to the draft state on the southern US, it is considered that there are parallels between the effects of pornography consumption and use of dolls in people with pedophilic inclinations.

This finding coincides with a study conducted by the University of Ottawa, where it was determined that the frequency of use of pornography was the biggest risk factor for repeat sex offenders.

One of the major manufacturers of these dolls is the Japanese company Trottla, whose founder is the entrepreneur Shin Takagi, who publicly expressed his pedophile tendencies. Takagi says that his “works of art” help people who want to express your wishes legally and ethically.

However, increasingly, the dolls are considered obscene globally. Such is the case of the Australians, who made a formal request to prevent importation in 2016, prompting the Department of Immigration and Border Protection country to conclude that possession of these products is considered a form of child exploitation.

Currently, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the acquisition of the dolls is an effective psychological therapy for those with pedophile tendencies. Moreover, the price of sexdolls is an indication that pedophilia does not understand classes; high costs presume that those who acquire are people with high incomes. So in order for these people to satisfy their sexual tendencies, they have to spend a lot of money, scandals in the past years indicate the same, pedophiles practices tend to find their ways into high places in the economic spectrum of society.