Facebook strengthens and toughens its fight against child abuse

Facebook’s Global Security Directorate announced that they are testing new security tools to prevent people from sharing content that victimize children, and at the same time they are registering improvements in the tools that are in place to detect and report the child abuse cases.
Rafael Nuñez y Rafael Nuñez Aponte Facebook strengthens and toughens its fight against child abuse

Currently, there are two tools in the testing phase:

The first one looks for potentially malicious content, and in the case of finding material that meets certain characteristics, it will launch an alert to Internet users in which it remembers that

“The sexual abuse of minors is an illegal practice and there are severe consequences for viewing this type of content”

The second tool, searches and identifies when videos or photographs are shared in which exploited or abused children appear without manifest malicious intent. In this case, the objective is to remind users that this type of material is prohibited on the platform and may have consequences from a legal point of view.

Likewise, when it comes to opening an account on Instagram it is necessary to establish a series of rules for its use, such as:

  •  Type of content the child will see
  • Images that you can post to your social network
  • The time when you will connect to the social network
  • Maximum connection time
  • Make the profile private
  • Do not activate geolocation
  • Limit the number of contacts to have